Technical Specifications

SANTAMARIA is a building complex strategically integrated to create an innovative business campus.

Through a carefully selected array of amenities and recreational areas, supported by state of the art technology to provides a reliable operation control, we offer an innovative work culture that promotes business productivity.


Over 40,000 square meters in office spaces with a high parking ratio and over 8,000 square meters in amenities and services to boost life in SANTAMARIA.

  • Net Rentable Area:: 40.836 m2
  • Parking: 1 / 20 m2
  • Areas: 250 -1607 m2
  • Towers: 5
  • Emergency plant for private areas
  • High velocity passenger elevators
  • Service elevator
  • Double LOW E crystal facades
  • Flexible Vertical Shafts
  • CCTV Monitor System throughout the entire Campus
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Intelligent Systems
    • Energy and Temperature Savings and Monitoring
    • Access Control
    • Fire Hazard
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